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Some of the domains that I develop:

Agric88 .......... seems a while ago now...........
Nuclear Peace ................ the story of a historic victory against Nuclear weapons.
chiquo, learning about blogs.

External sites:

Suzi Perry!!
Dido cool music...
The TVR files.
Tanc Barrat Got a Lancia Delta Integrale?.....I had and this is the best specialist I found.
Rover SD1 Club lovely cars, used to have one.
Bernard Hunter crane hire where my mate Stuart works.
Hawick and Border Car Club
Edinburgh University Motorsport Club
GBAudio professional audio services.
Heather Ale seriously good Scottish beer.
Alan Turing learn more about this complex individual, the father of computers.

SLROC Scottish Land Rover Owners Club, if it's there!!

Dogs Trust (formerly the 'National Canine Defence League')

The strip amuses..........

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