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Some of the things that harry elwin gets up to on his computer........

A few bits 'n' bobs:

nuclearpeace.co.uk a website I developed in 2002 and have maintained and upgraded for the client since. It has had 25000 + hits. Features include a javascript menu system and realaudio sound clips.
The site you are currently viewing is a dynamic site with many features generated by server side PHP scripting

my MSc project (in 2003/2004) about Scalable Vector Graphics read all about it (I must summarise it!) or cut to the fun bit and compare the 2 versions of a game I developed. It is in Flash and SVG format.

As a lorry driver my working hours are now governed by the working time directive, I have been working on a PHP project to assist drivers calculate their working time for more information and look at this ongoing project wtd

I also use linux alot and muck about with a red hat server, get into linux, there's so much help out there on the web. Just ask Google.


my MSc supervisor Dr Uta Priss once joked to me that only five people in the world write original javascript and everyone else modifys it......... I suspect she sees some client side operations as a poor cousin to grown up server side stuff. Anyway what follows is a list of links from people whose ideas I have drawn on for various web based wheezes.

Penguin cheap (from £9.99 pa) hosting space with PHP, perl and sql.
SVG ideas.
JavaScriptKit somewhere to start with javascript stuff.
TwinHelix javascript menus.
alistapart lots of stuff to do with web development..
Jack's Formmail
a php mailer.
Simple PHP Gallery a php driven image gallery, very nicely built.
Breadcrumbs a php script to lay a trail of breadcrumb across your site, that's the line at the top of the page saying where you are in the site.


Red Hat

Get Firefox

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