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Hi I'm Eric, click here to change the Greenpeace message.

The info the GE industry doesn\'t want you to see on Greenpeace.org

What is 'save the gay whale'?
It's really just a generic term for the 1000's of worthy, but sadly doomed campaign groups that are always popping up. let's hope that greenpeace is excluded. It may seem a bit cynical, but a cynic is what an idealist would call a realist.....

What do I get up to??

I recently turned 40(ish!).
Keen on motorsport, I've done some classic car rallying, currently doing RTV's in a Land Rover Discovery and love my motorbike and my dog and hopefully I get out enough........
Currently I'm driving lorries for a living, It's a work - life balance thing..

In 2004 I completed an MSc in multimedia technology at Napier University whilst there I built a game called 'bullseye' in flash and SVG formats.

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