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xj900 I've had this bike for a few years now and really enjoy it. It's smooth, fast and all the controls fall easily to hand ............ who says you can't talk in cliches until the cows come home.

xj900 I especially like the shaft drive. No more *ucking about with oily chains. What a difference that makes in the winter. The frame mounted fairing is good too. I can look over my shoulder at speed and the wind doesn't yank my helmet. And being a 900 it goes up hills and into the wind without slowing. I started on Suzuki AP50 then had a Suzuki GP 100, so I never stop being grateful for a bit of grunt!
(* = m!)

xj900 Ok .... so the Motad exhaust is boring and the colour is a bit dull, but for slipping through traffic without winding up car drivers as a 'plastic fantastic' with a silly can would....

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